Dance Exams

The International Dance Teachers' Association (IDTA) is the first major dance organisation to introduce a scheme of amateur awards for 'belly dancing'. The award levels are the same as those offered for all the other styles of dance examined by the IDTA, such as ballroom, Latin, ballet, and freestyle. The IDTA first accepted belly dancing candidates in 2003 and Loreley's students were among the first to take the new belly dancing exams.

Loreley Rice

It should be stressed that the dance exams are entirely optional. Initially, students are often terrified at the thought of taking an exam but the exams are not really very scary! Candidates generally find that working towards an exam and taking it is a confidence-building experience. They also find it extremely satisfying when they receive their certificate and medal a few weeks later (Loreley's students have achieved a 100% pass rate!).

Candidates from Loreley's classes take their exams at Abingdon Dance Studios where exams are held two or three times a year. Candidates perform up to four short routines in front of an IDTA examiner. They usually perform in small groups rather than individually. The examiner assesses three fundamental aspects of a candidate's dancing ability: rhythmic interpretation, presentation and style, and co-ordination of feet, body, and arm moves.

Being of Middle Eastern spirit, Loreley and her students turn the exam day into a social occasion and always gather at a local hostelry afterwards!