Learn to belly dance for fun, fitness & flexibility!

Photo, copyright of Neil Aston

Learn this exciting and exuberant dance form in one of Loreley's weekly classes in Abingdon, Oxford, or Wantage. See the class timetable page for details (see timetable for more details).

It doesn't matter what age or size you are, or how unfit! Egyptian belly dance is a great way to get in shape without going to a gym! Belly dancing is excellent for improving posture, co-ordination, flexibility, muscle tone and stamina. It will also enhance your mental well-being. Dancing helps to build confidence and self-esteem and belly dancing is especially good at lifting flagging spirits and releasing stress and tension. With your mind focused on conquering a new body move you can't be worrying about work or any other source of stress in your life!

In the improver and intermediate classes, students develop their dance skills, learn a wide range of Arabic dance styles, and learn to dance with props such as veils, sticks, finger cymbals, feather fans, and candles. Many of Loreley's improver and intermediate students are keen to take IDTA belly dancing exams and to perform in local shows and haflas (hafla means 'party' in Arabic).

Egyptian dance is a very healthy form of exercise. Nevertheless, dancing is a physical activity, and if you any concerns about your state of health, then you should seek medical advice before you begin any classes.

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